Cloud mining profitable project introduction

The latest money-making project in 2022 - dogcoin mining, the day the income generated on the same day can be fully withdrawn!

  • Celebrate the 10th anniversary of dogcoin, limited time airdrop activity, registration is free 50Doge, new users first deposit of 100Doge or more is free 1%, the second recharge another 2%, each use of USDT way recharge additional 3% bonus, hurry to invite your friends and relatives to get it!
  • Basic account investment: top up 100 Doge or more to your basic account, you can automatically activate the miner and get up to 6% daily.
  • Regular investment: No need to mine every day, investment project period time can be freely chosen. After charging 100 Doge or more to your commission account and choosing the investment project cycle, the principal and interest will be returned automatically upon expiration.
  • If your friends will join the Doge-Mine and have recharge they can get four level of generous rewards: 6% for Level 1 users, 4% for Level 2 users, 2% for Level 3 users, 1% for Level 4 users, and an additional 4938 Doge when you reach the specified number of invitees. Investment income ratio. Daily earnings can reach up to 7%, the more cumulative recharge, the higher the daily earnings rate, do not miss, together with the next millionaire.
  • Incentives for inviting new users

    You will receive 6 DOGE for every new member you invite, unlimited times. Invitees must recharge 100 or more DOGE on their first recharge.

    Invite 5 people

    The total reward is 6*5+6=36Doge

    Invite 10 people

    The total reward is 6*10+6+12=78Doge

    Invite 20 people

    The total reward is 6*20+6+12+24=162Doge

    Invite 30 people

    The total reward is 6*30+6+12+24+36=258Doge

    Invite 50 people

    The total reward is 6*50+6+12+24+36+60=438Doge

    Invite 100 people

    The total reward is 6*100+6+12+24+36+60+120=858Doge

    Invite 200 people

    The total reward is 6*200+6+12+24+36+60+120+240=1698Doge

    Invite 500 people

    The total reward is 6*500+6+12+24+36+60+120+240+360+480+600 =4938Doge

    The basic wallet of newly registered users will directly reward 2000DOGE, the daily interest rate is +5%, and the cycle is 180 days. Without any investment, it will be automatically earns your money everyday.

    If you have any questions during use, please contact the official Telegram Online Service for consultation.

    Daily DOGE income calculation

    Daily interest rebate and cash withdrawal, and withdrawal of principal when the investment matures.

    Generate interest every 24 hours, register to give 2000DOGE

    • DOGE is a global cryptocurrency investment company with users all over the world. If you join us, you can make money in three ways: I will show you how to get the most correct investment plan.
    • First is basic wallet income. Basic Wallet Income requires investing DOGE in your Basic Wallet to generate income.
    • The second is the income from promotional bags. Promotional wallet income requires you to build a team. Even if you don't have any investments, you can still receive an income to your team members investment.
    • The third is income from fixed investment accounts. After investing in a fixed investment account, the cycle ends, and the principal + income can be withdrawn in full.
    The longer the investment period, the higher the return. You can withdraw daily miner earnings during the contract period, and after the contract expires you can withdraw all your principal.
    Income introduction
    Invest 10,000DOGE, earn 600DOGE every day, and the deposit is valid for life. The less you invest, the lower the returns; the more you invest, the higher your returns (steady income in the long run). Purchase contract mining machines after DOGE recharge is completed. It will mine and generate revenue for you every 24 hours. Mining earnings are settled according to Singapore time (after 24:00). (If you invest today, you will earn tomorrow)
    We are the official direct-operated cloud mining platform of DOGE, and it is legal for DOGE to sign a contract with us We promote the project to increase the popularity of DOGE and attract traffic, let the world know that promoting DOGE or investing in DOGE can make money, which means that the market value of DOGE can be higher, and the value generated will be part of the profit to investors.
    Introduction to Exchange Deposit DOGE

    DOGE can be purchased at Exchange

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